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The Pomeranian dog is the smallest breed originated from the Spitz family, an old group from the Arctic. Its name taken from Pomerania (presently Germany and Poland) region in Central Europe. It didn’t come here, but rather it was developed and bred down to size there.

It’s small, and has been categorized as a toy breed dog because of its toy size. In addition to that, it is also regarded for its rounded coat. The outer coat is very long and straight in texture, while the undercoat is soft, thick and short. Its coat in its chest and neck area is longer. It also comes in color red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, tan and a lot more. Regular brushing is needed when double coat sheds. This dog breed turned famous when Queen Victoria was delighted to a Pomeranian from Italy, and took a specimen of it to England. After that, this dog breed became famous and made a name for itself ultimately.

Being fun, alert, and curious are normal qualities of Pomeranian dogs. But they get timid when other people are around them. Because Pomerians are sensible dogs, it is simple for them to amuse people. They can be the family’s best pet given that they like to interact socially and can be educated. The dog breed Pomeranian can be very devoted to their owners and family, which is among their awesome characteristics. With that, this dog breed is the most obvious option for a small dog in an apartment with children. Pomeranians are friendly in nature making them simple to bond with children of all ages and their masters as well. Pomeranians can protect their dwelling areas simply because they are very defensive. With such trait, they can serve as trustworthy watchdogs. Add on that, they could be great pets to individuals living in a small area because of its size. These dogs are very active indoors and can still enjoy its play even with no backyard.

The Pomeranian calls for some exercise; a bit walk daily could be great. As it is family oriented dog, it should not always be exposed outdoors. The life expectancy of a Pomeranian is 16 years. It has a longer life expectancy when compared to other breed of dogs. But it is possible for them to experience heart problems, eye infections, dislocated patella, tooth decay, and skin irritation. Most Pomeranians are really picky with regards to intake of food. It is more likely if you supply them dry dog food or crunchy milk bones so to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Pomeranians are considered as among the top selling dog pets around the world. Well, a lot of people still select them without knowing the obligations that come along when obtaining them. These dogs are longing for love and affection. You need to be a dependable owner if you need to adopt Pomeranian.